Alan as Scarecrow
Alan in Wizard of Oz
Ray, April, Alan and Jim
Alan McCook as The Scarecrow w/ Pam White, Jim Harlow, Ray Rodriguez & April Greene
"The Wizard Of Oz"
Alan in Li'l Abner
Alan in Li'l Abner
Alan in Li'l Abner
Alan as Available Jones
Li'l Abner"
Alan as the President
Li'l Abner"
Alan as the President
Li'l Abner"
Richard and Alan - Oklahoma
Alan, George and Richard - Oklahoma
Alan as Ali Hakim
Alan, George & Richard
Alan, Porthia and Fernando - Music, Music
Alan in background - Cast of Music, Music
Alan, Portia & Fernando
Best of Broadway"
Alan & Cast of
Best of Broadway"
Alan as Snoopy - Suppertime Alan as Snoopy - Flying Ace
Alan as Snoopy Cast of You're A Good Man Charlie Brown
Alan as Snoopy w/ Cynthia, Richard, Lisa, Jim & Pam
You're A Good Man Charlie Brown"
Alan in My Fair Lady Alan, April & Jim - My Fair Lady
Alan, Jim & April - My Fair Lady Jayne & Alan - My Fair Lady
Alan as Col. Pickering w/ Jim, April and Jayne in
My Fair Lady"
Alan with friends at Palm Springs Tram Alan with friends at Palm Springs Tram
Alan & Debbie McCook - Wedding Reception Alan, Debbie and Christopher McCook - 1983
Alan at the Palm Springs Tram
w/ Andrew, Jim and Richard - 1982
Alan & Debi's Wedding - 1981
and Alan, Debi & Christopher - 1982
Alan, Christopher & Nicholas - Harlow family kitchen
Christopher, Alan & Nicholas - Fishing in Arkansas
Alan & Gwen Harlow - Santa Rosa
Alan, Chris & Nick visit
the Harlow's
Chris, Alan & Nick fishing in
Alan with "Mommie" Gwen
in Santa Rosa
Alan & Janet - IHS Reunion
Alan, Randy & Tim - IHS Reunion
Alan, Patricia and Scott - IHS Reunion
Alan at Indio High School 20 year Reunion

Alan Keith McCook, of Branson, MO. and formerly of Palm Desert. CA, died
February 28, 2006 in Branson, of complications from pneumonia. He was only 45
years old.

Alan and I met in High School in 1977, through the drama department at Indio
High School, in Indio, CA. We were both cast in a summer production of the Wizard
of Oz between our Sophmore and Junior year. Alan played the Scarecrow and I
played the Tinman. We became fast friends.

Alan and I loved to sing together. I was the shy lead vocalist and Alan was the
enthusiastic guitar player / backup vocalist. Alan was very outgoing and made
friends with everyone he met. He always had a joke to tell. I'm sure if Alan had his
way, we would have become Rock Stars and made a million dollars and met as
many women. We perfomed a few times around the Coachella Valley, but we always
had a play or musical we were involved in and nothing ever became of our group,
"Kaisa". (I don't really know where the name came from)

Alan married and moved to Napa and I moved to the San Fernando Valley. We
stayed in touch and I even made a few trips to visit him in the bay area. Alan and his
wife, Debbie, divorced and Alan and his two sons moved back to the desert. Over
the years, it became harder to find the time to get together and I think the last time
I saw him was in the late 90's, but we spoke over the phone at least once a year.  He
would show up at my Mom's for Christmas when she lived in Indio and Mom
thought of him as one of her own children.

I've always admired Alan for pursuing what he loved to do. He was a sound and
lighting engineer for Ron Lucas for four years, and worked with other celebrities in
Palm Desert, Las Vegas and Branson over the years. He even provided jokes for
some of the comedians he worked with. He knew how to make people laugh.

Alan loved his children. He had a step-daughter, Kayla McSkeane; and two sons,
Christopher and Nicholas McCook. He also adored his sister Carol McCook and
loved his parents Owen and Bonnie McCook.

Alan will be missed by all that knew him and loved him.
Farewell my friend, until we meet again.
Alan McCook Memorial Page
In Loving Memory of...
Alan Keith McCook
January 7, 1961 - February 28, 2006
"Dust In The Wind" by Kansas
This song will always remind me of Alan.
One of my favorite songs that we sung
together back in our youth.
In loving memory of my friend.