Jim's Music Recordings
Recorded from showtapes
The Best of Broadway (B.O.B. Show)
Parcher/Gibson Productions
Performance at Firelight / Encore Dinner Theatre, Ventura CA (1990)
Bring Him Home - Les Miserables - (Jim Harlow)
Phantom of the Opera - Phantom of the Opera (Jim & Nannette Cox)
Tonight - West Side Story (Jim & Nannette Cox)
Cabrillo Music Theatre
Broadway By The Beach
Cabrillo Music Theatre
Dorril B Wright Cultural Center, Port Hueneme CA (May 1990)
On A Desert Island With Thee - Connecticut Yankee (Jim & Melora Hutton)
I Only Want To Say - Jesus Christ Superstar (Jim Harlow)
Camarillo Community Theatre
Camarillo Community Theatre now
Camarillo Skyway Playhouse, Camarillo CA (Sept - Oct 1990)
Heather On The Hill - (Jim Harlow & Kathleen McCarthy)
There but For You Go I - (Jim Harlow)
Broadway at Downtown (B.A.D Show)
Parcher/Gibson Productions
Performance at Plaza Players, Ventura CA (May 1991)
Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin' - Oklahoma (Jim Harlow)
Anthem - Chess (Jim Harlow)
Make Believe - Showboat (Jim Harlow & Nannette Cox)
You're Nothing Without Me - City of Angels (Jim & Kevin Cox)
Flappers to Breadlines
Parcher/Gibson Productions
Performance at Plaza Players, Ventura CA (October 1991)
It Had To Be You / More Than you Know - (Jim Harlow & Nannette Cox)
We'll Have Manhatten - (Jim Harlow & Nannette Cox)
Blackbird - (Jim Harlow)
Carolina In The Morning - (Jim Harlow & Maureen Lovejoy)
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself A Letter / Our Love Is Here To Stay - (Jim Harlow)
Somewhere Over The Rainbow - (Jim Harlow & Nannette Cox), Arrangement by Kevin Parcher
The Roar of the Twenties
Parcher/Gibson Productions
Performance at Simi Valley Cultural Center (June 1992)
Ain't Misbehavin' - (Sharon Gibson, David Milligan, Maureen Lovejoy & Jim Harlow)
Ain't She Sweet - (David Milligan & Jim Harlow)
Birth of the Blues - (Sharon Gibson, David Milligan, Maureen Lovejoy & Jim Harlow)
Blackbird - (Jim Harlow)
Carolina in the Mornin' - (Maureen Lovejoy & Jim Harlow)
Don't Bring Lulu - (David Milligan & Jim Harlow)
Feet Medley - Stumbling / Fidgety Feet / Steppin Around - (Sharon Gibson, David Milligan,
Maureen Lovejoy & Jim Harlow
Five Foot Two - (Jim Harlow)
Good Time Charlie - (Jim Harlow & Cast)
It Had To Be You / More Than You Know - (Jim Harlow & Sharon Gibson)
We'll Have Manhatten - (Maureen Lovejoy & Jim Harlow)
Me And My Shadow - (Jim Harlow)
Mountain Greenery - (Maureen Lovejoy & Jim Harlow)
Somebody Loves Me - (Jim Harlow)
Stardust Melody - (Sharon Gibson, David Milligan, Maureen Lovejoy & Jim Harlow)
Toot, Toot, Tootsie - (David Milligan & Jim Harlow)
Twenties Medley - Ain't We Got Fun / Four Leaf Clover / Side By Side - (Sharon Gibson, David Milligan,
Maureen Lovejoy & Jim Harlow
Varsity Rag - (Sharon Gibson, David Milligan, Maureen Lovejoy & Jim Harlow)
Without A Song - (Jim Harlow)
Yes, We Have No Banannas - (Jim Harlow)
The Magnificent Moorpark
Melodrama & Vaudeville Co.
Moorpark, CA (1985 - 1996)
Santa Clause Is Coming To Town (Quartet) - Christmas Show - 1985 (Jim, Dale, Kevin Cox & Graham
Beach..w/ Wendee Bresee, Rhonda Skolnick, Candace Miller & Nannette Cox)
Friend Buddy - "Cindy Rue Ella" - 1986 (Kevin Cox & Jim Harlow)
I Dreamed A Dream - "The Drunkard Vaudeville" - 1987 (Jim Harlow)
Mama's and the Papa's Medley - "Aladdin Vaudeville" - 1987 (Jim, Susan Rayburn, Damian Gravino &
Debbie Angel
The Drunkard Cast Interview - (This was a practical joke that some of the men in the cast pulled on the
women. We set a tape recorder outside the window to their dressing room during the course of a
matinee and evening performance. We then edited bits and pieces and added some dialogue to it. We
presented this to the cast closing night of "The Drunkard") - 1987
Marquie Dinner Theatre,
Camarillo, CA (1994)
(Alphabetical Order)
An Old Man - (Eleanor Brand)
I Do Not Know A Day - (Jim Harlow)
Ninety Again - (Don Pearlman)
Put Him Away - (Jim Barker, Arlene Weisenberg &  Kevin P. Kern)
Rudder Scene Change - Instrumental - (Kevin Parcher Musical Director)
Something Doesn't Happen - (Susan Burns)
The Gitka Song / Something Somewhere - (Jim Harlow & Cast)
The Golden Ram - (Rebeca Hanes)
Two By Two - (Don Pearlman & Cast)
Two By Two Overture - (Kevin Parcher Musical Director)
When It Dries - (Don Pearlman & Cast)
Why Me - (Don Pearlman)
You - (Don Pearlman)
You've Got To Have A Rudder -  (Don Pearlman, Jim Harlow, Kevin P. Kern & Jim Barker)
Marquie Dinner Theatre
Camarillo, CA (1995)
(Alphabetical Order)
Act 1 Finale - (Full Cast)
Bows - (Full Cast)
Confession No.2 - (David Barry, Diann Alexander, Jeannine Marquie & Jim Harlow)
Dog Versus You - (Jeannine Marquie & Jim Harlow)
Fancy Meeting You Here-Reprise - (Diann Alexander & David Barry)
Fancy Meeting You Here - (Diann Alexander)
Finale-Good to Be Alive - (Jim Harlow & Jeannine Marquie)
Good To Be Alive - (Jim Harlow)
Him, Them, It, Her - (Full Cast)
How Do I Ask Her To Stay - (Jim Harlow)
Lucky - (Jim Harlow)
Lucky Stiff Exit Music - (Instrumental - Kevin Parcher Music)
Mr Witherspoon's Friday Night - (Jim Harlow)
Nice - (Jeannine Marquie & Jim Harlow)
Opening Act 2 - (Full Cast)
Rita's Confession - (Diann Alexander & David Milligan)
Something Funnies Going On - (Full Cast)
Speaking French - (Deidre Fisher & Cast)
The Phone Call - (David Milligan)
Times Like This - (Jeannine Marquie)
Welcome Back Mr Witherspoon - (Full Cast)