"OKLAHOMA" - 1979
Alan McCook, George Davancens & Richard Harlow
Becky Dhondt, Richard Harlow, Rochelle Ford & Kim Brewer
Darcy Kabanuck & Jim
Darcy Kabanuck & Jim
Alan, George & Richard
Becky, Richard,
Rochelle & Kim
Darcy & Jim
Darcy & Jim
Iola Schissler, Karen Calhoun & Jim
Kim Brewer, Desiree Crushee, Deanna Green and Kelly brewer
Rochelle Ford
Richard, Jim & Girls
Iola, Karen & Jim
Kim, Desiree, Deanna &
Jim & Andrew Davidian
Lorraine Yoxsimer, Richard Harlow & Karen Calhoun
Oklahoma Cast Picture
Darcy Kabanuck & Jim
Jim & Andrew
Lorraine, Richard & Karen
Oklahoma Cast Picture
Darcy & Jim
Jim & Mike Hadley
Monty Gopher, Richard Harlow and Liz Stinson
Oklahoma Cast Picture
Richard Harlow & Alan McCook
Jim & Mike
Monty, Richard & Liz
Rochelle, Darcy, Jim,
Richard, Mike & Liz
Richard & Alan
Rochelle Ford & Richard Harlow
Rochelle & Richard
Articles & Publicity
Oklahoma Article
Darcy Kabanuck & Richard Harlow (Mis-matched names and characters)
The names below the picture
say Rochelle Ford and James
Harlow. Interesting thing is
that Darcy played Laurie and
I was suppose to be in
picture, but my brother
Richard, who played Will
Parker filled in. Rochelle
played Ado Annie, Richard's
love interest.
A little bit of Oklahoma  
partner swapping going on.
Oklahoma Article
Oklahoma Publicity
(Darcy Kabanuck and Richard Harlow)
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