A Momentary View

My husband kissed me
and the scent of his cologne recalled
my great grandfather’s after-shave, so comforting to me
as I flung my pint-size arms around his wrinkled neck,
he pulled me up high and swung me ‘round, he was
John Wayne and Laurence Olivier,
a grand old knight who treated me
like a princess, and held my hand and taught me how
persimmons are grown,
and all about rose gardens, and how to make wire hangers
into plant holders.  
He was so kind and gentle, like an old comfortable shoe,
worn as soft as his woolen sweaters, thin around the elbows
like my husband’s sweatshirts, which now and then provide me
with this brief but happy glimpse
into my checkered
and sometimes happy

- Nycole Rochford  1997 ©
Charles W. Ahlstrom
2/14/1895 - 4/19/1993
In Loving Memory of
Charles W Ahlstrom
(February 14, 1895 - April 19, 1993)