October 4, 2004
by Gwen L. Harlow

I, Lady Samantha  (Sammie) went to doggie heaven a year ago today.
People always say, animals have no heaven to stay.

But Mommie believes because I was so good,
that somewhere in space, maybe they should.

Mommie has a stuffed Beagle that looks like me,
in front of the T.V. where I loved to be.

At Linda's house, you let me sleep on my pad.
Your welcome there always made me feel glad.

I traveled everywhere with Mom and did so very well
It was all so interesting and really quite swell

I enjoyed my visits to Bob and family, Richard, Don, Greg and Dee Dee,
Also my desert friends and Mom's best friend at Glide, Marie.

Jim had the hard task, to the Vet we had to go.
Mommie and I appreciated him more than you know.

I loved my life while on earth I was down there.
Thanks to all of you for your wonderful care

Deanna, you kept me when Mom was away.
I know you were happy to see her at the end of the day.

When you think of the great times we shared in the past
I know your memories of me will forever last.

So, on this October day, please don't be sad.
Be thankful you knew me and do be glad.
Love, from Sammie Harlow
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