Werewolf Cast
Werewolf Bar Crew
Werewolf - Vaudeville
Cast Picture
Jim Harlow
(as Boris)
Werewolf - Bar Crew
Jim Harlow, Will Shupe
& Kevin McDonald
Will & Jim
Jim - Werewolf (Vaudeville)
Will Shupe - (Mad Scientist)
& Jim Harlow - (Boris)
Jim (as Werewolf)
for Vaudeville
Christa Boggs,
Jim Harlow(as Coach),
and Jennifer Ellis-Bernal
Jim & Christa
Jim & Laura
Jim Harlow
& Christa Boggs
Jim Harlow(Boris)
& Laura Diaz
Werewolf Reviews
Jim - Werewolf (Vaudeville)
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for the great forest background.
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